To the DMMD Art Anon whose Ask got Eaten by Tumblr

You didn’t mention your preferences, so here’s just about every active (DMMD art posts within the past three months or so) fan artist on Tumblr that I know of:

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euphorbic replied to your post: 15 Things: Happiness

I love your dreams. I have exploratory ones, too, and I really enjoy them. The art dream is particularly interesting because it’s static! Do they have a feeling of time passing when you have those? I think I only ever had one like that.

The art dreams actually involve ‘me’ flicking through art books or visiting galleries, so time passes like in regular dreams. The woodblock prints were on a website talking about this unnamed artist’s influences. At the time I wanted to introduce Leyendecker to someone but couldn’t remember his name, so I was furiously going through the internet looking for it. For some reason, Google didn’t work. Very frustrating.

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15 Things: Happiness

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OMG Ren is also the reason why I look into the game and anime HE IS SO CUTE

IKR, and he doubles as GPS and Google. Holy crap I want one.

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Previews for a fanbook in the making. One of the major reasons why I even played this game was because of the fluffy puppy with the hilariously manly voice. Puppy dog, fluffy fluff fluff puppy dogggg.

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Anonymous: hi !! i drew something that was very much inspired by your drawing of aoba trying to get clear alive again, and i was wondering if i gave you credit and linked back to your drawing of it, would you mind me posting it ????

Hi there, go for it 8D Inspiring others is one of the best compliments an artist can get. Just make sure you’re linking back to an updated post that has two drawings please.

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Ye obligatory Aoba fixing Clear pic that’s been on the WIP list for months.

Edit: Sorry, forgot this was supposed to be a pair. No wonder why something felt missing.

The second image of the set was originally supposed to be a standard ‘Clear visits the Seragaki family grave’ image, and had the better composition imo. But then I noticed how there weren’t any pictures of Clear breaking down in his Reconnect bad route that I know of. Makes for a more interesting contrast, doesn’t it?


As my hours at work have been cut to an unlivable level, I’m returning to commissions as a source of rent and utility money while I look for a second job (because let’s be real, beds and running water are both pretty neat things).

My rates are $5 USD for every 500 words, and I take payment through paypal. You can check this tag and my Ao3 right here to see examples of things like DRAMAtical Murder, Attack on Titan, and Homestuck. From gen fics to fluff to whatever smut you want, regardless of the pairing (this includes fan characters) or kink, I will write it.

You can contact me through my ask or submit box, and from there we’ll discuss how long you’d like the fic to be and the characterization you want to see, since I think we all know that in fandom it can vary pretty wildly. (Of course if you’re wanting me to write for fan characters, we’ll discuss it more in-depth.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and even if you’re unable to commission anything at this time, I’m deeply grateful to anyone who is able to reblog it.

This person writes well and should be kept well-fed.

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Ye obligatory Aoba fixing Clear pic that’s been on the WIP list for months.

Edit: Sorry, forgot this was supposed to be a pair. No wonder why something felt missing.



Batshit Tattoo Asshole: The Fangame Gambling Man (demo version)

Characters: Ryuuhou and Koujaku for now, Mizuki and Aoba to follow
Rating: PG for this demo, predicted to be around M for later updates
Warnings: implied domestic violence, spiders, Ryuuhou being creeperiffic. Artistic license spammed like there’s no tomorrow.

Download (40MB)

omg! I’d kiss your feet for making it for linux!

It’s pretty awesome how the developpers of Renpy made it easy to port the games to multiple platforms. There’s no way for me to test the Linux build, so sorry if you run into any weird bugs OTL A Linux user who once reviewed my Sei fangame seemed to have no issues, and the script for this one isn’t all that more complex, so hopefully it shouldn’t happen.

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