Warnings for underage/non-con in the extract to be on the safe side

Bound and Determined AO3 collection
Heed the warnings in the AO3 tags.

Note: It wasn’t until the second cover was nearly finished that I realised Bound and Determined was the name of the whole verse and not the fic, so it got converted into a collection instead. Not exactly elegant, but better than tossing the whole design out. I confess the bulk of my knowledge of these fics comes from the first few chapters of Unbound and some meta posts, so these could be way off the mark.

As for the sample spread, hey, who am I to pass up a chance to run a deliberate river through the middle of a page? Setting an entire book like that would likely drive the reader stark raving mad though.

Special thanks to thoseweirdthings and uglystories for the Atonement screenshot.
Fassbender photo belongs to Peter Hapak, only the butchering is mine.


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